Idaho Guardian and Fiduciary Association’s mission is to ensure that all protected individuals are cared for in a sensitive, ethical, cost effective and least restrictive manner.

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Our organization is made up of both professionals and everyday people from our community that serve our growing population of vulnerable persons through Guardianship and Conservatorship. Our goal is to achieve the highest standards of care and professional ethics for guardians and conservators

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The Idaho Guardian and Fiduciary Association’s (IGFA) Conference is a single-day experience that provides nationally and locally relevant information on topics related to special needs trusts, medical and legal capacity, business succession planning, supportive decision making, fiduciary responsibilities and more.


Our Purpose

The Idaho Guardian and Fiduciary Association, through state-wide representation, is a resource to assist and support families, volunteers, and professionals who serve incapacitated and protected persons as: petitioning attorneys, guardians ad litem, court visitors, guardians of the person, and conservators of the estate.

We provide information and education on the legal process, code of ethics and standards of practice in an effort to assure incapacitated and protected persons in the state of Idaho are cared for in a sensitive, ethical, cost effective, and the least intrusive manner.

We will work to develop responsive, skilled, and cost effective resources so that all vulnerable wards have the available services regardless of their financial status.